The History

The Big Green Commute began in 2000 when ZGF staff decided to throw down the gauntlet with a one-day intra-office competition to test the sustainable chops of each ZGF office and to determine which office was the greenest of them all. Today, the internal competition has expanded from a one-day contest to a week-long heated battle with ZGF offices in Washington, DC, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, and Vancouver, BC competing to win bragging rights and a coveted trophy. Knees have been scraped, tears have been shed, and ZGFers have been stranded at bus shelters experimenting with new commuting strategies. In 2010, ZGF’s Washington, DC office began a community version of the Big Green Commute, inviting local companies and firms to participate in an external competition to inspire and promote green commuting in the community and region. Since then, the DC-region Big Green Commute has continued to expand—reaching its highest participation levels to date in 2017!

Previous Winners